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Learn a new code base

Explore a new code base or feature - with Charta you can add and annotate code snippets straight from your editor to create a map of your code.

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Sharing a Charta is as easy as sharing a link. Perfect to explain how a feature works or that 3 hour debugging session you've just gone through!

Nick Smith 9:58 AM

How is user sign-up implemented?

Me 10:01 AM

It's all here:

Straight from your editor

Charta works with VIM and VSCode. If you're in more of a reading mood, it works flawlessly in the browser too!

Keep it up to date

Link Charta with your Github account to get notifications whenever your documentation needs updating.

Take it with you

Charta only stores snippets and comments, never your full code. All data is encrypted at rest and, if you want out, there's a one-click export.

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